Naupa Huaca: Peru’s Megalithic Cave of Mystery

Subscribe via email so that you never miss a post Approximately two hours northwest of Cusco and far off the beaten path of tourists lies a megalithic marvel tucked away in a high, remote mountainous cave. While there are many ancient archaeological sites in Peru and around the world that display megalithic architecture, Naupa Huaca might … Continue reading Naupa Huaca: Peru’s Megalithic Cave of Mystery

16 Enigmas Concerning the Nazca Lines

THE NAZCA LINES ARE SOME OF THE MOST MYSTERIOUS GEOGLYPHS KNOWN TO MAN. HERE ARE 16 ENIGMAS CONCERNING THEM... #1 They are located in one of the most desolate and dry locations on earth – the Nazca desert of southern Peru which receives less than one inch of rain per year. 1 #2 They were created … Continue reading 16 Enigmas Concerning the Nazca Lines

Megaliths in Montana?

Tour Info / RegisterThe great state of Montana has always been considered one of the last frontiers of adventure and exploration. And nevermore so than now... Some very intriguing photos have surfaced recently from Julie Ryder and her research team of what appears to possibly be ancient megaliths and monoliths near Helena, Montana...  Julie makes the … Continue reading Megaliths in Montana?