Cyclops: Maker of Megaliths?

Greek writers like Pausanias mention that the megalithic walls of Europe were erected by a one-eyed giant race who worked in the god’s forges under Mount Etna near Sicily. This legend is still preserved today with a term archaeologists use to describe this architecture: cyclopean, from the word cyclops. Cyclopean construction consists of massive polygonal … Continue reading Cyclops: Maker of Megaliths?

The Hidden Megaliths of Patagonia: Land of the Lost Nephilim

By Mark A. Carpenter A Megalithic Marvels World Exclusive Map of Patagonia / photo via Overview Patagonia is one of the most exotic, primeval, and unexplored wildernesses on the planet. Patagonia literally means “Land of the Big Feet,” and it can be found at the southernmost edge of the Andes Mountains, stretching into Northern … Continue reading The Hidden Megaliths of Patagonia: Land of the Lost Nephilim

3 Moai Mysteries

In the 1950s explorer Thor Heyerdahl conducted major excavations on Easter Island and revealed to the world that these iconic stone heads were attached in most cases to complete bodies. Why had the statues been buried in up to 30 feet of soil? Many of the excavated statues feature a carved design on the back … Continue reading 3 Moai Mysteries