Top 10 Megalithic Marvels at Ollantaytambo

#1 Toppled Megalithic Blocks  As you enter Ollantaytambo, one of the first things you notice is this graveyard of toppled megalithic blocks displayed near the entrance. Some of these blocks resemble those seen at Puma Punku in Bolivia  #2 Trapezoidal Fountains  Ollantaytambo features a couple of these incredible looking trapezoidal fountains. The Inca were expertsContinue reading “Top 10 Megalithic Marvels at Ollantaytambo”

15 Photos Mainstream Egyptology Would Rather You Not See (#1-5)

Mention “Megalithic Marvels” for special reservation when registering Conventional archaeology propagates the notion that the further we look back into history, the more archaic the civilizations we see and the more inferior their methods of construction. Yet all over the world are ancient anomalies and megalithic marvels that confound today’s experts and defy our greatest modernContinue reading “15 Photos Mainstream Egyptology Would Rather You Not See (#1-5)”

Naupa Huaca: Peru’s Megalithic Cave of Mystery

Subscribe via email so that you never miss a post Approximately two hours northwest of Cusco and far off the beaten path of tourists lies a megalithic marvel tucked away in a high, remote mountainous cave. While there are many ancient archaeological sites in Peru and around the world that display megalithic architecture, Naupa Huaca mightContinue reading “Naupa Huaca: Peru’s Megalithic Cave of Mystery”

MEGALITHIC MARVELS: Expedition Peru Day 6

Follow me as I journey across Peru visiting some of the most ancient megalithic marvels on the planet. Subscribe via email so that you never miss a post To see and read about day 5, click HERE DAY 6 DOWNTOWN CUSCO MEGALITHS AND ELONGATED SKULLS  I stopped by the Coricancha Museum and saw these skulls. WhileContinue reading “MEGALITHIC MARVELS: Expedition Peru Day 6”