Naupa Huaca: Peru’s Megalithic Cave of Mystery

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Approximately two hours northwest of Cusco and far off the beaten path of tourists lies a megalithic marvel tucked away in a high, remote mountainous cave. While there are many ancient archaeological sites in Peru and around the world that display megalithic architecture, Naupa Huaca might one of the very few sites on earth that exhibit megaliths crafted with precision engineering inside a mountain cave.

D Olson

The journey to this incredible location begins along a railroad track in a desolate wind-swept canyon which finally connects to a dirt path that snakes up the mountainside. About halfway up the steep ascension, you begin to notice Inca stonework scattered about.

What had the Inca discovered way up this mountain ?

D Olson

As you climb up into this huge triangular-shaped cave, you see what appears to be a doorway that leads straight into the mountain and cut with laser-like precision into the very hard andesite stone. How could the Inca have shaped this with their softer bronze tools? Naupa Huaca means “Ancient Temple,” and the oral traditions of the Inca state that this was a portal of some kind. On the opposite end of the cave near the entrance is what appears to be a trapezoidal alter or throne.

D Olson

Although this was by far the smallest site I visited in Peru, it might be one of the most impressive based on its remote location and striking imagery. Enjoy my video into this megalithic cave of mystery by clicking play below…

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