Timothy Alberino: The Paracas Paradox

Megalithic Marvels founder Derek Olson interviews explorer, film-maker & author Timothy Alberino to discuss his news of a new elongated skull discovery from an 8ft+ tall being, his upcoming TV show & the enigmas surrounding the mysterious elongated skull culture known as the Paracas. Enjoy the video or podcast version of this exclusive interview below. … Continue reading Timothy Alberino: The Paracas Paradox


Unearthing the Royal Kurgan

February, 1837 - Kerch Crimea. After several years of exhaustive excavation trying find a way inside the giant earthen mound, archaeologist Anton Ashik & his weary team of explorers finally open the hidden entrance to one of the greatest megalithic marvels ever discovered between Europe & Asia - what has come to be known as the … Continue reading Unearthing the Royal Kurgan

[Podcast] Brien Foerster: Megalithic Peru & its Mysterious Elongated Skulls

Brien Foerster - author, biologist & resident explorer of Peru breaks down the following in this interview: Cusco’s megalithic originsOral traditions that state the Inca found Cusco’s megaliths when they arrived to the areaNapa Huaca, a remote mountainous cave featuring precision cut megalithsThe strange elongated skulls of PeruThe Nazca Lines https://radiopublic.com/megalithic-marvels-We4eL2/s1!ade4f Also mentioned in this … Continue reading [Podcast] Brien Foerster: Megalithic Peru & its Mysterious Elongated Skulls