PREHISTORIC Polygonal masonry at Palaiokastro

Hugh Newman has has put together a new film featuring amazing drone footage and up close views of the ancient polygonal masonry in Greece at what is known as Palaiokastro Fort. Just click play to enjoy this ancient adventure below. According to Hugh, Palaiokastro Fort is one of many hilltop constructions dating to the … Continue reading PREHISTORIC Polygonal masonry at Palaiokastro


The Cyclopean Tomb of Hili

More Info A UNESCO world heritage site, the Hili Archaeological Park is the location of a Bronze Age site in the United Arab Emirates. 1 The Hili Archaeological Site not only provides the earliest known evidence of an agricultural village in the United Arab Emirates, but also contains other Bronze Age and Iron Age villages, burial grounds and agricultural infrastructure. … Continue reading The Cyclopean Tomb of Hili

The Astronomical Intihuantana of Machu Picchu

Subscribe via email so that you never miss a post The Astronomical Intihuantana of Machu Picchu A Special Megalithic Marvels Film Series Part I: Machu Picchu: The Secret Chamber Part II: Machu Picchu: The Lost Megalithic Labyrinth “The Lost City,” discovered by Hiram Bingham in 1911, is one of the greatest megalithic marvels on the planet … Continue reading The Astronomical Intihuantana of Machu Picchu