EARTH ANCIENTS INTERVIEW: Unlocking Lovelock: Attack of the Red Haired Giants

I was honored to be interviewed by Cliff Dunning of the "Earth Ancients" podcast a few months ago regarding my research into the incredible discoveries made at Lovelock Cave. To hear my segment that starts at the 15:00 minute mark, click the link below... Earth Ancients Podcast -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To read the ground-breaking investigative series “Unlocking... Continue Reading →

10 Ancient American Sites to Discover this Summer

I was recently asked by a subscriber of Megalithic Marvels to share my recommendations of ancient sites one might visit on a cross-country road-trip. From the many sites I have visited to the many more sites that remain on my bucket list, below are 10 ancient sites to discover this summer... (In no particular order) #1 Serpent Mound -... Continue Reading →

EASTER ISLAND PART 2: Ancient Paved Roads, Construction of the Colossi & Walking Statues

A Megalithic Marvels Special Investigative Series To Read "Easter Island Part 1: The Long-Ears, Civil War & the White-Skinned Cannibalistic Priests" click HERE RAPA-NUI AND VIRACOCHA In the 19th century, missionaries and their Polynesian companions from French Oceania began to refer to Easter Island as “Rapa-nui” which translates to “Great Rapa,” and thus added another name... Continue Reading →

16 Enigmas Concerning the Nazca Lines

THE NAZCA LINES ARE SOME OF THE MOST MYSTERIOUS GEOGLYPHS KNOWN TO MAN. HERE ARE 16 ENIGMAS CONCERNING THEM... #1 They are located in one of the most desolate and dry locations on earth – the Nazca desert of southern Peru which receives less than one inch of rain per year. 1 #2 They were created... Continue Reading →

BRIEN FOERSTER: Megaliths, Humanoids & 7 Reasons to Attend the “Elongated Skulls Tour” In this exclusive Megalithic Marvels interview, host Dee Olson interviews Brien Foerster - an explorer, biologist & author of "Lost Ancient Technology of Peru and Bolivia" among many others! Dee asks Brien the following questions about several ancient Peruvian sites that will be visited on Brien's "Elongated Skulls Tour" taking place in August 2017... What will... Continue Reading →

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