Ahu Vinapu: the Last of Easter Island’s Megalithic Walls

The Easter Island Moai statues are so iconic that most people have no idea that there still exists on the island at Ahu Vinapu, very ancient megalithic mortarless walls that may predate the statues themselves. Photo by Andrea Vera Sasso Captain Cook and the British expedition of 1774 marveled at the precision stone megalithic masonry … Continue reading Ahu Vinapu: the Last of Easter Island’s Megalithic Walls


The Cyclopean Tomb of Hili

More Info A UNESCO world heritage site, the Hili Archaeological Park is the location of a Bronze Age site in the United Arab Emirates. 1 The Hili Archaeological Site not only provides the earliest known evidence of an agricultural village in the United Arab Emirates, but also contains other Bronze Age and Iron Age villages, burial grounds and agricultural infrastructure. … Continue reading The Cyclopean Tomb of Hili

Top 10 Videos of 2018

Subscribe via email so that you never miss a post 2018 was a great year of research and exploration. This year’s top 10 list takes you up close and inside some of the most incredible megalithic marvels on the planet and face to face with some of the most enigmatic elongated skulls on earth.  (In … Continue reading Top 10 Videos of 2018