Megaliths in Montana?

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The great state of Montana has always been considered one of the last frontiers of adventure and exploration. And nevermore so than now…

Some very intriguing photos have surfaced recently from Julie Ryder and her research team of what appears to possibly be ancient megaliths and monoliths near Helena, Montana…

 Julie makes the following statement regarding these discoveries… “Towering dolmens, polygonal block granite walls and circular terraces rise above the forest floor. Stone art sculptures emerge from monoliths. Humongous carved blocks, some still standing upright, thrust up between the trees. Megalithic building structures extend over miles of high mountains and rolling hills in the wild places of Montana.”

Julie goes on to say… “Andrew Barker and the Merlin Burrow’s Team joined us in the fall of 2016 verifying with satellite scanning technology the details of these magnificent ruins. The Merlin Burrows Team continue to discover even more megalithic sites across miles and miles of wilderness in Montana.” 

Andrew Barker of the Merlin Burrows research and scanning firm announced recently… “We have undertaken an extensive deep scanning project and already it has shown huge amounts of data on the history of this area. Now some of the Montana Megalithic structures speak for themselves, others are a question of visual interpretation. But it is the combination of science, native myths and legends, glyphs, massive research and unquestionable images that lead to initial conclusions.”

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