Timothy Alberino: The Paracas Paradox

Megalithic Marvels founder Derek Olson interviews explorer, film-maker & author Timothy Alberino to discuss his news of a new elongated skull discovery from an 8ft+ tall being, his upcoming TV show & the enigmas surrounding the mysterious elongated skull culture known as the Paracas. Enjoy the video or podcast version of this exclusive interview below. … Continue reading Timothy Alberino: The Paracas Paradox

Mysteries of the Pyramids & Lost Ancient Technology of Egypt

Megalithic Marvels founder Derek Olson joins archaeologist Dr. Judd Burton on the Blurry Creatures podcast to talk about the mysteries of Egypt, the Great Pyramid & their possible connection to ancient giants & hybrids. Enjoy a shortened virtual video tour segment from the entire show or listen to the full length podcast version below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PWVEs0QBz0A&t=1sContinue reading Mysteries of the Pyramids & Lost Ancient Technology of Egypt

Unearthing the Royal Kurgan

February, 1837 - Kerch Crimea. After several years of exhaustive excavation trying find a way inside the giant earthen mound, archaeologist Anton Ashik & his weary team of explorers finally open the hidden entrance to one of the greatest megalithic marvels ever discovered between Europe & Asia - what has come to be known as the … Continue reading Unearthing the Royal Kurgan

Hugh Newman: Olmec Origins Part 2

Experience Part 1 Which artifact in the Mexico City museum of anthropology fascinates Hugh most?Might the depictions of Olmec skull elongation have been due to more than cradle head boarding?Is it true that no skeletons of Olmec a have been found?Could there be a link with this supposed Quinametzian Giants of Mexico's gulf coast & … Continue reading Hugh Newman: Olmec Origins Part 2

Hugh Newman: Olmec Origins Part 1

Who were the mysterious Olmecs?When did they arrived on the gulf coast of Mexico?What characterized their civilization? Could they have possessed some form of lost ancient technology? In part 1 of this exclusive 2 part interview, Megalithic Marvels founder Dee Olson sits down with author & explorer Hugh Newman to learn more about his latest travels … Continue reading Hugh Newman: Olmec Origins Part 1

Top 20 Magnificent Works of Megalithic History from 2020

Adj. megalithic - of or relating to megaliths or the people who erected megaliths 2020 was a very tough year for all of us, yet some of the greatest research and discoveries regarding prehistory, megalithic structures, lost technology, giants of antiquity & ancient civilizations took place. From the many videos, podcasts & articles I have enjoyed, below I have compiled my top 20 favorite resources created this … Continue reading Top 20 Magnificent Works of Megalithic History from 2020


An Investigative Series Into the Origin of Ancient Giants Read Part V The Northern Campaign: The 7 Mighty Nations: Discerning “Bone Crushing” Nations: Rephaim and Hybrids. By Gary Wayne – Author of "The Genesis 6 Conspiracy" Gen 15:18 "In the same day the LORD made a covenant with Abram, saying, Unto thy seed have I given … Continue reading NEPHILIM WARS VI

Journey to China’s Yangshan Quarry

In Part 2 of this 2 part exclusive interview, host Dee Olson interviews explorer Antonio Perez to find out about his experience at China’s mysterious Yangshan quarry. Just click play below to enjoy this exciting photographic interview! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IwOtCoquxU8&t=31s