Top 10 Megalithic Marvels at Ollantaytambo

#1 Toppled Megalithic Blocks  As you enter Ollantaytambo, one of the first things you notice is this graveyard of toppled megalithic blocks displayed near the entrance. Some of these blocks resemble those seen at Puma Punku in Bolivia  #2 Trapezoidal Fountains  Ollantaytambo features a couple of these incredible looking trapezoidal fountains. The Inca were expertsContinue reading “Top 10 Megalithic Marvels at Ollantaytambo”

Descent into the Sardinian Subterranean Chamber

Boasting some of the most breath-taking beaches found on earth, the Italian island of Sardinia is known by most as only a high-end resort vacation destination. However, this 9,305 square mile piece of land holds many ancient secrets known only by the very few. Dotting the island landscape like prehistoric castles can be seen overContinue reading “Descent into the Sardinian Subterranean Chamber”

Secrets of Sachsayhuaman

Sitting high atop the northern outskirts of Cusco, Peru, lies the mind-bending fortress of Sachsayhuaman (Saqsaywaman, Sacsahuayman) – one of the earth’s greatest megalithic marvels. Conventional archaeologists attribute the Inca to building this site. However, there are some problems with this theory. Is Sachsayhuaman much older than originally thought? How did its builders precision craft these mega-ton walls? Enjoy this videoContinue reading “Secrets of Sachsayhuaman”

Must See Megaliths 9.18

Subscribe via email so that you never miss a post Part 1 Part 2 Yaxha is a Mesoamerican archaeological site in the northeast of the Petén Basin region of Guatemala. Saqsaywaman: remnants of a megalithic fortress constructed with a technology that our greatest modern engineering cannot replicate today. The largest stones weighing approx 125 tonsContinue reading “Must See Megaliths 9.18”

Journey to the Megalithic Water Temple of “Tipon”

Subscribe via email so that you never miss a post Tipon is an Inca word meaning “Water Temple.” Upon first glance I was blown away by the scale of this mountainous archaeological site where water from the peaks high above channels down through various aqueducts and then connects to endless waterfalls and fountains located onContinue reading “Journey to the Megalithic Water Temple of “Tipon””