Top 10 Megalithic Marvels at Ollantaytambo

#1 Toppled Megalithic Blocks  As you enter Ollantaytambo, one of the first things you notice is this graveyard of toppled megalithic blocks displayed near the entrance. Some of these blocks resemble those seen at Puma Punku in Bolivia  #2 Trapezoidal Fountains  Ollantaytambo features a couple of these incredible looking trapezoidal fountains. The Inca were expertsContinue reading “Top 10 Megalithic Marvels at Ollantaytambo”

EASTER ISLAND 3: Subterranean Chambers and 12 Ft Tall Live Giant Sightings

A Megalithic Marvels Special Investigative Series To Read “Easter Island Part 1: The Long-Ears, Civil War & the White-Skinned Cannibalistic Priests,” click HERE To Read “Easter Island Part 2: Ancient Highways, Construction of the Colossi & Walking Statues,” click HERE EVIDENCE OF THE EARLY PERIOD MASTER BUILDERS Norwegian author, explorer and ethnographer Thor Heyerdahl was the first to conduct majorContinue reading “EASTER ISLAND 3: Subterranean Chambers and 12 Ft Tall Live Giant Sightings”