Top 20 Magnificent Works of Megalithic History from 2020

Adj. megalithic – of or relating to megaliths or the people who erected megaliths 2020 was a very tough year for all of us, yet some of the greatest research and discoveries regarding prehistory, megalithic structures, lost technology, giants of antiquity & ancient civilizations took place. From the many videos, podcasts & articles I have enjoyed, below I have compiled my top 20 favorite resources created thisContinue reading “Top 20 Magnificent Works of Megalithic History from 2020”

What Conventional Science Forgot to Tell Us

By Cliff Dunning – Host of the “Earth Ancients” Radio Podcast I find it disturbing that those who write our history are so lost in their dogma that they fail to notice what is in front of their faces. Case in point – this 1,000+ old figurine of a Mayan male – wearing what has beenContinue reading “What Conventional Science Forgot to Tell Us”

18 Researchers to Follow in 2018

When it comes to such topics as prehistory, megaliths, lost technology, giants of antiquity, elongated skulls, ancient civilizations and the like – follow these researchers in 2018. (In Random Order) #1. BRIEN FOERSTER – Biologist, Author of “Lost Ancient Technology Of Peru And Bolivia” among others, Tour Host of “” and Explorer famous for his videosContinue reading “18 Researchers to Follow in 2018”

EARTH ANCIENTS INTERVIEW: Unlocking Lovelock: Attack of the Red Haired Giants

I was honored to be interviewed by Cliff Dunning of the “Earth Ancients” podcast a few months ago regarding my research into the incredible discoveries made at Lovelock Cave. To hear my segment that starts at the 15:00 minute mark, click the link below… Earth Ancients Podcast To read the ground-breaking investigative series “Unlocking Lovelock:Continue reading “EARTH ANCIENTS INTERVIEW: Unlocking Lovelock: Attack of the Red Haired Giants”

17 Alternative Researchers to Follow in 2017

By “Alternative” researchers, I mean that which is beyond the main-stream narrative. When it comes to the topics of ancient archaeology, technology, artifacts, megaliths, prehistory, & more – learn from & follow these 17 researchers in 2017! While there are many more great researchers that I could add to this list, my criteria was… ChooseContinue reading “17 Alternative Researchers to Follow in 2017”