Top 20 Magnificent Works of Megalithic History from 2020

Adj. megalithic – of or relating to megaliths or the people who erected megaliths 2020 was a very tough year for all of us, yet some of the greatest research and discoveries regarding prehistory, megalithic structures, lost technology, giants of antiquity & ancient civilizations took place. From the many videos, podcasts & articles I have enjoyed, below I have compiled my top 20 favorite resources created thisContinue reading “Top 20 Magnificent Works of Megalithic History from 2020”

Gary Wayne: Origins of the Giant Lion-Like Men of Moab

Subscribe Via Email So You Never Miss a Post By Gary Wayne – Author of The Genesis 6 Conspiracy “This was how it was in ancient times, when a proud race of giants was dying away. The hope of the world escaped on such a boat under your guidance and left the world a newContinue reading “Gary Wayne: Origins of the Giant Lion-Like Men of Moab”

Hugh Newman: Stone Circles & Egyptian Giants

Subscribe via email so that you never miss a post In this exclusive Megalithic Marvels interview, host Dee Olson interviews explorer, researcher and author Hugh Newman on the following topics and more… Hugh’s insightful new book “Stone Circles” The connection between ancient giants and stone circles Hugh’s favorite ancient Egyptian site to visit Hugh’s strangeContinue reading “Hugh Newman: Stone Circles & Egyptian Giants”