Top 10 Photos of 2021

TOUR INFO / REGISTER 2021 was a great year of research and exploration regarding megalithic structures and ancient civilizations. From the hundreds of photos published this year on our Instagram account, here are the top 10 based on total impressions. #10) The ancient rock-city of Petra, Jordan (361K impressions) #9) Lakshmana Temple, India (374K impressions) … Continue reading Top 10 Photos of 2021


Top 20 Magnificent Works of Megalithic History from 2020

Adj. megalithic - of or relating to megaliths or the people who erected megaliths 2020 was a very tough year for all of us, yet some of the greatest research and discoveries regarding prehistory, megalithic structures, lost technology, giants of antiquity & ancient civilizations took place. From the many videos, podcasts & articles I have enjoyed, below I have compiled my top 20 favorite resources created this … Continue reading Top 20 Magnificent Works of Megalithic History from 2020

Megalithic Connection in Italy & Peru?

Marica Massaro At the foot of mount Monte Velino in the Abruzzo region of Southern Italy lies the small present day town of Massa d'Albe. But thousands of years ago, Massa d'Albe was known by another name - Alba Fucens, which is said to have been founded by a powerful tribe known as Aequi, who lived in this … Continue reading Megalithic Connection in Italy & Peru?