What Conventional Science Forgot to Tell Us

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By Cliff Dunning

I find it disturbing that those who write our history are so lost in their dogma that they fail to notice what is in front of their faces. Case in point – this 1,000+ old figurine of a Mayan male – wearing what has been termed – a “ball-court” outfit.

Wait – this is NOT your everyday figure, and just look at this guy – I mean really take a close look. For one, he has a HUGE head, not just a little larger than the norm, this guy possess an elongated cranium of immense proportions. He is not human in the present tense – he may have been a hybrid of two or more species of humans or possibly a humanoid strain which was developed from scratch (or test-tubes.)

Frankly, I’ve seen museums full of this type of people (Humans) – – and please do not insult my intelligence by telling me their heads were the result of binding. It’s just not possible to shape a head to this dimension.

Are they aliens – – – give me a break? The ancient aliens fanatics think anything out of the ordinary is from other worlds – and conveniently forget about Earth’s ancient technological past.

No…..what we’re witnessing here is an Earth-Human, an ancestor of the present day Maya.

Who said so – just ask an elder who’s held their tradition for thousands of years, (I spent a number of years with these people – so I’m somewhat clued in.)

What’s he wearing, and who says it’s for a ball-game?

It really stretches the imagination to consider this fellow as any kind of ball player. Just look at the large chest piece he’s wearing – and the amazing back equipment. Looks to me like a rudimentary jet-pack of some kind. And what’s that on the back of his neck? Looks like some kind of protective device, doesn’t it? Whatever it is – it’s not for ball-court play – no way you’re going after a ball in that get-up.

If you study the ancient Hindu Verses, the Rig-Vedas, (the oldest of the four verses) you can read about the previous civilizations who inhabited the Earth. These people were similar to us today, with sciences in place that developed propulsion systems, electricity and all the convenience we’ve come to appreciate in our modern society. It all came down in a series of cataclysmic event about 13,000 years ago.

My guess is our little Mayan figurine is wearing remnants of some of this lost technology – perhaps emulating what was once worn or the actual devices for air travel.

Anyway , that’s what I think.