Timothy Alberino: The Paracas Paradox

Megalithic Marvels founder Derek Olson interviews explorer, film-maker & author Timothy Alberino to discuss his news of a new elongated skull discovery from an 8ft+ tall being, his upcoming TV show & the enigmas surrounding the mysterious elongated skull culture known as the Paracas. Enjoy the video or podcast version of this exclusive interview below. … Continue reading Timothy Alberino: The Paracas Paradox


[Podcast] Brien Foerster: Megalithic Peru & its Mysterious Elongated Skulls

Brien Foerster - author, biologist & resident explorer of Peru breaks down the following in this interview: Cusco’s megalithic originsOral traditions that state the Inca found Cusco’s megaliths when they arrived to the areaNapa Huaca, a remote mountainous cave featuring precision cut megalithsThe strange elongated skulls of PeruThe Nazca Lines https://radiopublic.com/megalithic-marvels-We4eL2/s1!ade4f Also mentioned in this … Continue reading [Podcast] Brien Foerster: Megalithic Peru & its Mysterious Elongated Skulls

Peru’s 7 Strangest Elongated Skulls

Subscribe via email so that you never miss a post Peru is home to some of the most fascinating elongated skulls to have ever been discovered. In this new video you will see seven of the very strangest skulls and learn some interesting facts regarding their enigmatic nature. Are these skulls the smoking gun that … Continue reading Peru’s 7 Strangest Elongated Skulls