3 Moai Mysteries

In the 1950s explorer Thor Heyerdahl conducted major excavations on Easter Island and revealed to the world that these iconic stone heads were attached in most cases to complete bodies. Why had the statues been buried in up to 30 feet of soil? Many of the excavated statues feature a carved design on the back … Continue reading 3 Moai Mysteries


Ahu Vinapu: the Last of Easter Island’s Megalithic Walls

The Easter Island Moai statues are so iconic that most people have no idea that there still exists on the island at Ahu Vinapu, very ancient megalithic mortarless walls that may predate the statues themselves. Photo by Andrea Vera Sasso Captain Cook and the British expedition of 1774 marveled at the precision stone megalithic masonry … Continue reading Ahu Vinapu: the Last of Easter Island’s Megalithic Walls

Top 10 Articles of 2019

Space is limited. Mention Megalithic Marvels for special reservation 2019 was a great year of research and exploration regarding megalithic structures, ancient civilizations and hybrids/ giants of antiquity. Thank you to everyone who visited our website, subscribed &/or shared our content. From the many articles published this year, here are the top 10 based on … Continue reading Top 10 Articles of 2019