Secrets of Sachsayhuaman Sitting high atop the northern outskirts of Cusco, Peru, lies the mind-bending fortress of Sachsayhuaman (Saqsaywaman, Sacsahuayman) – one of the earth’s greatest megalithic marvels. Conventional archaeologists attribute the Inca to building this site. However, there are some problems with this theory. Is Sachsayhuaman much older than originally thought? How did its builders precision craft these mega-ton walls? Enjoy this … Continue reading Secrets of Sachsayhuaman

Top 15 Photos of the Mysterious Bada Valley Megaliths

Subscribe to our Youtube Channel revelations-of-the-ancient-world.comWikimedia Commonsvacationindonesiatours.comzermatism.wordpress.comWahid Mewantapienntartsjournal.comartsjournal.comsacredsites.comartsjournal.comWahid MewantaOliver J Davis Nancy Hidden away in the Bada Valley, south of the Lore Lindu National Park in Sulawesi Indonesia, are hundreds of ancient megaliths and prehistoric statues estimated to be at least 5000 years old. It is not known for certain when these megaliths were … Continue reading Top 15 Photos of the Mysterious Bada Valley Megaliths

Machu Picchu: The Crown Jewel of Peru

"The Crown Jewel of Peru," part 4 of our exclusive investigative film series about Machu Picchu is here! “The Lost City,” discovered by Hiram Bingham in 1911 is one of the greatest megalithic marvels on the planet to behold. Surrounded by a backdrop of jagged mountain tops and lush green jungles, Machu Picchu means “Ancient … Continue reading Machu Picchu: The Crown Jewel of Peru