The Rock Ship of Masuda

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The village of Asuka, Japan holds an ancient megalithic secret. It hides several granite stone mounds that have been cut into unusual shapes. The largest and most striking of these is known as “Masuda-no-iwafune,” which translates as the “Rock Ship of Masuda.”

Hilton Stoch

Weighing approximately eight hundred tons, the Rock Ship measures thirty six feet long, twenty six feet wide and fifteen feet high. The top of the stone has been sheered off and features two precision crafted holes that are each three feet square and continue all the way down through to the bottom of the stone. 1

Why or how this colossal stone and others like it were crafted remains a mystery as they appear to be of a different architectural style than the later period Buddhist construction. 2

It’s interesting to note that the center depression and square holes on Masuda-no-iwafune are aligned and run parallel to the mountain ridge on which it sits, giving rise to the idea that this particular stone may be related to the development of the Japanese lunar calendar and early astronomical observation. 3

Mitsuo Horino

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