Top 10 Articles of 2019

2019 was a great year of research and exploration regarding megalithic structures, ancient civilizations and hybrids/ giants of antiquity. Thank you to everyone who visited our website, subscribed &/or shared our content. From the many articles published this year, here are the top 10 based on total views.

#10) 8 Ft Skeletons with Filed Teeth Found in Virginia Cave 1871

#9) 15 Enigmas Concerning Easter Island

#8) The 25 Black Boxes of the Serapeum

#7) The Ancient Solar Disc of the Dacian Fortresses

#6) Nephilim Wars I

#5) Sixty Eight 7+ ft Skeletons with Giant Axes Unearthed in PA Mound in 1916

#4) The Rock Tomb of Kapilikaya

#3) Santa Cristina: the Megalithic Subterranean Chamber of Sardinia

#2) The Wormhole of Inishmore

#1) Elongated Skull with Immaculate Teeth Discovered in Russia