Megaliths: Top 10 Must See Videos of 2017

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2017 was an incredible year of megalithic research and exploration. This year’s top 10 list takes us up close and inside some of the most incredible megalithic marvels around the globe. Locations include…

D Olson
  • Puma Pumku – Bolivia
  • Naupa Huaca – Peru
  • Machu Pic’chu – Peru
  • Antequera – Spain
  • Cairo – Egypt
  • Gloucestershire – England
  • Petra – Jordan
  • Sardinia – Italy
  • Baalbek – Lebanon 
  • Easter Island – Chile 

Thank you to the researchers and explorers who sacrificed time, money, sleep and sweat to capture and share this amazing footage. Please subscribe to their Youtube channels. (In no particular order)

#1. “Puma Punku Bolivia October 2017: Further Explorations”

#2. “Naupa Huaca: Peru’s Megalithic Cave of Mystery” 

#3. “Machu Pic’chu: Explorations And Analysis: August 2017”

#4. “Megalithic Technology in Ancient Spain: The Massive Antequera Dolmens”

#5. “Ancient Egypt: Compelling Evidence Of Lost High Technology”

#6. “Belas Knap: The Mysterious Chambered Long Barrow in the Cotswolds”

#7. “Petra Jordan: Lost Ancient Technology And Megalithic Masterpiece”

#8. “High Technology in Ancient Sardinia: Santa Cristina Holy Well & Nuragic Village”

#9. “Baalbek In Lebanon: The Largest Known Megalithic Stone In The World”

#10. “Ancient Easter Island: More To This Place Than You Imagine”

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