10 Strange Facts Concerning the Red-Haired Giants of Lovelock Cave

#1. The Oral Tradition

The Paiutes of northwestern Nevada have an ancient oral tradition that states they went to war against a ferocious enemy tribe of red-haired-cannibalistic giants known as the “Si-Te-Cah.” The chronicle states that the Paiutes trapped these giants inside a large cave, set it ablaze with fire and then shot any would-be-escaping giants with a fury of fire-piercing arrows. 1

#2. The Written Account

In 1883, Sarah Winnemucca, daughter of Paiute Chief Winnemucca, wrote the first known autobiography by a Native American woman called “Life Among the Paiutes.” In this book Sarah writes about the red-haired “People Eaters” that her tribe exterminated as well as her family’s most treasured garment passed down from generation to generation – a dress trimmed with this red hair. 2

#3. The Cave and the Miners 

In 1911 a group of miners led by James Hart began digging out 250 tons of bat guano in what is now known as “Lovelock Cave,” located about 93 miles northeast of Reno. These miners discovered countless artifacts, burnt arrow shafts, a cave ceiling charred black by fire and skeletons and skulls of giant proportion. 3

#4. The Archaeologists and Artifacts 

In the spring of 1912, the University of California sent “L. L. Loud” to conduct archaeological excavations at Lovelock Cave. Loud, who estimated that the earliest inhabitants visited the cave around 4000 B.C., obtained over 10,000 artifacts and specimens which included a donut shaped notched stone calendar, elaborate duck decoys, very large weapon shafts, a gigantic pestle and more…

Photo from Youtube channel “Sierra Sasquatch”

#5. The Corroboration  

In their 1929 field guide “Lovelock Cave,” archaeologists Loud and Harrington validate the oral tradition of the Paiutes and the testimony of the miners regarding red-haired giants by documenting their findings of skeletons with red hair and by providing photographs of a large looking skull as well as something else…

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#6. The Humanoid

In archaeologists Loud and Harrington’s book ““Lovelock Cave,” is this photograph of a humanoid looking skeleton they un-earthed that is eerily similar to the humanoid and elongated looking skulls found in Paracas, Peru. Consider the size of the skull in comparison to the size of the body. Look at the placement of the large eye-sockets along with the smallish face and jaw. 5

#7. The Newspaper Articles   

Mining engineer and amateur anthropologist John T. Reid from Lovelock, Nevada claims to have examined and measured several giant skeletons that were either from Lovelock cave or the surrounding area. One of several newspaper articles from that time that mentions 7-10 ft giants from Lovelock is this article from the Nevada State Journal dated April 17, 1932. It mentions Reid and a 7 ft 7 inch giant skeleton. 6

#8. More Ancient Mummies and Giant Skeletons Discovered Near Lovelock

Mummies found in nearby Spirit Cave were carbon dated by Douglas W. Owsley of the Smithsonian to be approximately 9,500 years old and DNA tests prove they were not of Paiute origin, but of Caucasian origin. 7  The “Nevada Review Miner” published an article in it’s 1931 June issue reporting two very large skeletons that were found in the Humboldt dry lake bed near Lovelock Cave. One measured 8.5 feet in length and was described as having been wrapped in a gum-covered fabric similar to Egyptian mummies. The other skeleton was nearly 10-feet long. 8

#9. The Humboldt Museum Witnesses and Photographs 

There are a handful of people who have testified to seeing giant skulls from lovelock cave in a storage room at the Humboldt Museum in Winnemuca, Nevada. Two of theses witnesses are Don Monroe and M.K. Davis. This photo was taken by Don Monroe back in the 70’s and recently discovered among his things that were boxed up. Notice the massive red skull in the middle that appears to have a double row of teeth. 9

#10. The Testimony of the Museum Director and the Cover-Up

Recently it has been confirmed that four of the ancient skulls unearthed at Lovelock Cave are, in fact, in the possession of the Humboldt Museum in Winnemucca, Nevada. According to Barbara Powell, who is the director of the collection, the museum is prohibited by the state of Nevada from putting the skulls on public display because “The state does not recognize their legitimacy.” 10

To see all of the photographs and read the entire ground-breaking investigative series “Unlocking Lovelock: Attack of the Red-Haired Giants,” click HERE




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