3 Moai Mysteries

In the 1950s explorer Thor Heyerdahl conducted major excavations on Easter Island and revealed to the world that these iconic stone heads were attached in most cases to complete bodies.

Why had the statues been buried in up to 30 feet of soil? Many of the excavated statues feature a carved design on the back that consists of an arched rainbow motif. How is it that these designs & the surfaces of the statues abandoned in transit along the roads were found to be undamaged by friction?

These statues also possess long nails. Could this mean that they represent a person or something of royal rank?

Notice the extremely long ears of the Moai. Oral traditions state that the island was originally settled by an ancient race known as the “Long-ears.” Who were the ancient deified ancestors that these megalith marvels represent?

Enjoy the video version below


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