Journey through Megalithic Ollantaytambo [Part 1]

A Megalithic Marvels Special Video Series

Located in the Sacred Valley, Ollantaytambo is one of Peru’s largest archeological sites. As you first approach this ancient site, you become immediately overwhelmed with its larger than life scale that sweeps all the way up a mountainside.

D Olson

While the 700+ year old Inca construction made of rough stone and clay mortar is amazing engineering in its own right, the much older and far superior megalithic architecture that many estimate to be 10,000 + years old shines even brighter. Notice the Inca stonework near the top of the above picture compared to the precision megalithic work near the bottom.

D Olson

This much older trapezoidal mortarless construction as seen above in this water fountain stands out in stark contrast to the inferior rough stone and clay mortar Inca construction that surrounds it. If the Inca constructed everything seen here as conventional archaeologist suggest, how could they have shaped this harder granite with their softer bronze tools?

D Olson

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