Journey to the Megalithic Water Temple of “Tipon”

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Tipon is an Inca word meaning “Water Temple.” Upon first glance I was blown away by the scale of this mountainous archaeological site where water from the peaks high above channels down through various aqueducts and then connects to endless waterfalls and fountains located on every level of terracing. All I knew about this site upon entering it was that it was solely an Inca agricultural center, but as I journeyed closer, I learned there was much, much more…

D Olson

As with most of the ancient sites in Peru, the Inca found the remnants of a much older megalithic civilization that possessed some form of high technology to construct the precision mortarless architecture that is found here. At the very highest terraces is seen the same megalithic mortarless blocks that can be found at Saqaywaman, but here they are also in the form of fountains. In the picture below you can clearly see the megalithic mortarless construction surrounding the fountain with the inferior loose stone and clay mortar Inca construction above it in the background.

D Olson

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