BRIEN FOERSTER: Megaliths, Humanoids & 7 Reasons to Attend the “Elongated Skulls Tour”

In this exclusive Megalithic Marvels interview, host Dee Olson interviews Brien Foerster – an explorer, biologist & author of “Lost Ancient Technology of Peru and Bolivia” among many others! Dee asks Brien the following questions about several ancient Peruvian sites that will be visited on Brien’s “Elongated Skulls Tour” taking place in August 2017…

  • What will the highlights be of day 1 in Cusco? Tell us about the Inca Roca Polygonal wall that has a 10 sided stone within it & how is it unlikely that the Inca had the tools to construct it?
  • What can people expect to experience on day 2 as we visit the massive walls at Saqsaywaman? Is it true that the foundational stones at this site go about twelve feet underground?
  • On day 3 we will visit the Huaro museum & Huayqui skeleton that looks almost like an alien humanoid. What genetic features about this skeleton lead you to believe that it is not 100% human?
  • On day 5 we visit the mysterious cave of Naupa Huaca & the Ollantaytambo site. What are the most fascinating aspects of these sites?
  • On Day 6 we take a train to Machu Pichu. What secrets will people see & learn about this amazing city that is are known to the general public?
  • On day 8 we get to visit the Paracas museum & see the legendary elongated skulls. What genetic anomalies will people see as they view the skulls & what can you tell us about the recent DNA analysis that has come in regarding these skulls?
  • On day 10 we fly over the Nazca lines & geoglyphs. What will this experience be like? Why do you believe that these lines were  created by two cultures – one, the Nazca people, but prior to the Nazca, the Paracas people who had ELONGATED SKULLS?

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