Megalithic Marvels: Footprints of the Fallen

I was honored this past week to join Justen Faull on the Fourth Watch Radio Network! Below is the program’s official description of our exciting interview…

In this episode Justen and Dee discuss his research into the Ancient Megalithic Marvels that surround the World. The adventure includes Mysteries of the Easter Island Races and Oral Traditions, Lovelock Cave and the Slaughtered Saiduka Hybrids, Artifact Discoveries and Rare Humanoids, as well as Nephilim Hauntings & The Strange Red Skull; all with Biblical Perspective. This is one broadcast you won’t want to miss

You can listen to this episode via Justen’s Youtube or Spreaker channels below. And also make sure to subscribe to the “Fourth Watch” channel of your choice so that you never miss out!

To read the ground-breaking investigative series “Unlocking Lovelock: Attack of the Red-Haired Giants,” click HERE