Megalithic Connection in Italy & Peru?

Marica Massaro

At the foot of mount Monte Velino in the Abruzzo region of Southern Italy lies the small present day town of Massa d’Albe. But thousands of years ago, Massa d’Albe was known by another name – Alba Fucens, which is said to have been founded by a powerful tribe known as Aequi, who lived in this mountainous region long before Rome conquered them in the Third Samnite War around 300 BC. Alba Fucens’ strategic location in antiquity made it a desired prize that was fought over throughout the course of several civil wars. Tradition states that this hill-top fortress was actually used to hold captured enemies & foreign kings. Eventually, this once bustling town was largely destroyed by marauding Saracen pirates during the Middle Ages. To this day many ancient ruins can still be found at this site which includes a medieval castle, a Roman amphitheater and more.

Now these ruins seen here are amazing, but if you look closer there is something even more amazing to behold… cyclopean style megalithic architecture left behind from a bygone age. The term cyclopean comes from the belief of classical Greeks that only the mythical Cyclops had the strength to cut & move the large stones…”


Intricate architecture that features what appears to look like entry ways or doors, but which are actually faux like door cut-outs. Upon first glance of this photo, where would you have guessed that this megalithic architecture is located? My first thought when I saw these ruins was that it must be located in some remote area of Peru, yet they are found all the way across the Atlantic Ocean in Europe. Notice the abstract cuts of each stone and notice how thick this inset is…

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Now here in South America near the Peruvian area Vischongo Ayacucho, we see not only mortarless joinery, but also a strikingly similar architectural style throughout these walls and cut-outs which appear to be made at a similar size & scale as those at Alba Fucens. Now lets compare the megaliths of Peru with those of Italy side by side for comparison…  The similarities are striking 

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From earthquakes to wars to pillaging and quarrying by later civilizations, these megaliths found on both sides of the globe have withstood the catastrophic ages of time, & the fact that they still stand today is a testimony to their superior engineering that we seem to have lost in the present. Who were these mysterious megalithic builders? Where did they come from & where did they go?

Enjoy the full narrated video version below



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