New Discovery: 3000 Year Old Pharaonic Statue

A massive 28 ft Egyptian statue has recently been unearthed in the area of Matariya near Cairo Egypt. The discovery was made in muddy ditch waters near Ramses II’s temple in the ancient city of Heliopolis. 1 A giant crane was used to pull up the 3 ton torso of the statue. Researchers from Egypt and GermanyContinue reading “New Discovery: 3000 Year Old Pharaonic Statue”

New Discovery: Another Mummified Humanoid Head found in Peru

There has recently been a string of strange mummified humanoid looking heads being discovered in the Paracas region of Peru. Explorer & resident of Peru, Brien Foerster was able to exam the specimen & says the following… “Any idea that this is a fake or made prop must be immediately dismissed, as again I have seenContinue reading “New Discovery: Another Mummified Humanoid Head found in Peru”

17 Alternative Researchers to Follow in 2017

By “Alternative” researchers, I mean that which is beyond the main-stream narrative. When it comes to the topics of ancient archaeology, technology, artifacts, megaliths, prehistory, & more – learn from & follow these 17 researchers in 2017! While there are many more great researchers that I could add to this list, my criteria was… ChooseContinue reading “17 Alternative Researchers to Follow in 2017”

Is this Ancient Skull Like Specimen the Product Genetic Manipulation?

Imagine exploring the arid desert region of southern Peru when suddenly you see a cave in the distance. Upon entering the dark-creepy-cave, you discover what appears to be some kind of ancient stone tomb left undisturbed for ages. And what you see next sends chills down your spine… Inside the tomb is what appears to beContinue reading “Is this Ancient Skull Like Specimen the Product Genetic Manipulation?”

The Nazca Lines and the Nephilim

Imagine jumping into a jet-plane that could not only fly you immediately to any location in the world, but could also take you back in time to any period in history. The time is somewhere between 800 B.C and 500 A.D., the place is one of the driest and most desolate locations on earth –Continue reading “The Nazca Lines and the Nephilim”