Journey to the Megalithic Mountain Fortress of Pisaq


(Initial video commentary by Brien Foerster)

Located about an hour northeast of Cusco on the edge of the Amazon rainforest, this enormous archeological site offers some of the most astounding views to the adventure seekers who migrate here for a visit. Heavily fortified, Pisaq was constructed at a very strategic location separating the vast jungle region from the Cusco region. The first thing you see as you round the corner of this ancient site are layers upon layers of beautiful Inca agricultural terracing between 8-10 ft tall that spill halfway down the mountain. Above that in the distance is a complex of Inca military and administrative buildings. Most of the stonework at Pisaq can be attributed to Inca, but not all of it… As with most ancient sites in Peru, the rough stone and clay mortar Inca construction was built on top of and around a much older and superior megalithic construction made of extremely hard granite and andesite. Who were these megalithic master-masons?

D Olson

Notice below the long megalithic mortarless wall that shows evidence of catastrophic damage as well as the precision cut doorway crafted with a lost ancient technology that the Inca could not have shaped with their softer bronze tools.

D Olson

Due to very limited time, I was only able to venture as far as the megalithic wall at this site. However, since doing further research I have discovered that Pisaq holds an incredible secret… at its very highest point beyond the Inca military and administrative buildings are actual megalithic structures left from a bygone age (Pictured below)


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