MEGALITHIC MARVELS: Expedition Peru Day 4

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What a day. My mind was literally blown today regarding what my eyes beheld! My first stop was to Peru’s largest archeological site “Ollantaytambo.” As you first approach this ancient site, you are overwhelmed with its larger than life scale.

With a backdrop of jutting mountains, the first thing you notice are the 10 foot + Inca terraces that sweep up the mountain along with Inca ruins scattered all over the ground. However, upon closer observation you begin to see megalithic blocks laying here and there featuring precision angles, and even some that resemble the “H” blocks seen at Puma Punku in Bolivia. This H block looking construction was right underneath a massive rock outcropping that resembled a massive condor (Future blog post).

There were also several Inca water falls and one waterfall that was megalithic in construction. Then we began to make the long climb up the Inca staircase, across a terrace, up another staircase and through ruins of Inca dwellings made of rough stone & clay mortar until we reached the top of the mountain side. Then it began… massive 70 ton megalithic stones were scattered all over the ground as if they had been thrown down in a violent cataclysm (World-wide flood?). All that was left standing were the remnants of two megalithic walls. One of the walls had 3 parts that were disconnected from each other and were filled in with small stones.

Regarding these walls, Author and biologist Brien Foerster asks the following questions… “If the Inca had crafted the megalithic stonework as conventional archeologists say, then why wouldn’t they have connected these blocks together instead of filling the gaps in with small rocks?” Also, how could the Inca have used their bronze tools to cut and shape granite stone? Lastly, I finally got to behold the legendary “Sun Temple” that is still standing despite the ancient cataclysm that took place in ages past. Words really can’t describe how massive and how enigmatic it is with its knobs and strange markings. Lastly, the quarry where the granite was mined to craft these megaliths was on a high mountain across the valley (Where skeletons with elongated skulls have been un-earthed).

how did the master-builders transport these 70 ton blocks? More blogs and video to come regarding this incredible site…


My last stop of the day was to a site shrouded in mystery as my guide “Brien Foerster” didn’t even want to tell us where we were going or what it called. We drove far off the beaten path and deep into a mountainous ravine void of any other tourists. And so we began a long hike up the side of a very high and very steep mountain as the wind blew. As we climbed higher I began to notice Inca stonework made of rough stone and clay mortar.

What had the Inca discovered up this mountain? We climbed higher and higher and eventually I began to see what appeared to be a cave in the far distance up ahead… we climbed higher as the cave grew closer and closer. We finally made it. Then the first shock came – the cave was literally in the shape of a triangle… next shock – as you climb up into the cave you see two objects that become very hard for your human brain to comprehend… cut into the very hard andesite stone is what appears to be a doorway that leads straight into the mountain and made with laser like precision. Clearly not the work of the Inca…

The ancients say the doorway was a portal… next you see something that appears to be either an alter or a throne or a even a spaceship cockpit. Naupa Huaca means “Ancient Temple,” so I lean toward this being a ceremonial site. Although this was by far the smallest site I have seen on my trip, it might be the most impressive based on its remote location and striking imagery. Many more blog posts and video to come on this mind-bending stone temple…

Look for my report on Day 5 next…

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