MEGALITHIC MARVELS: Expedition Peru Day 3

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D Olson

Due to longer road travel today, I was only able to explore one ancient site for about an hour and a half, but there wouldn’t have been enough time in one entire day to take in all that there is to see at “Pisaq.”

D Olson

Located about an hour northeast of Cusco , this enormous archeological site sits on top of a mountain and offers the most mind-blowing views to the adventures who come to visit. It very much resembled one of the mountain cities from the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

D Olson

Pisaq sits on the edge of the Amazon high rainforest, so it was at a very strategic location separating the vast jungle from the Cusco region.

D Olson

The first thing you see as you round the corner are layers upon layers of beautiful Inca terracing that seem to go halfway down the mountain. Up above that you see a complex of Inca military and administrative buildings in ruins.

D Olson

Most of the stone construction at Pisaq can be attributed to Inca, but not all of it… again, as I’ve seen at every ancient site so far in Peru, the Inca stonework was built on top of and around a much more older and superior megalithic construction as we can clearly see by comparing the construction of this doorway to the Inca stones to it’s left.

D Olson

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