GARY WAYNE: The Watchers, the Flood & the Serpentine Features of the Nephilim

In this exclusive Megalithic Marvels interview, host Dee Olson interviews Gary Wayne – researcher and author of the ground breaking book “The Genesis 6 Conspiracy.” Gary goes in depth sharing insightful information from his research in response to the following questions and more below…

  • How do you personally interpret Genesis chapter 1:1-2?
  • Do you believe what many say are megalithic ruins on Mars could have been built by the Watchers in ages past?
  • Can you break down the connection between angelic Seraphim and the serpentine features you believe the Nephilim possessed?
  • Can you elaborate on how you state in your book that all the originating Nephilim mothers died, for their physiology could not cope with such monsters?
  • How tall do you guesstimate that the original Nephilim giants were?
  • Do you believe that mythological animal-human creatures such as minotaur were a creation of the fallen ones?
  • In light of Numbers chapter 13:32, how might the Nephilim have survived the flood?
  • Of the megalithic sites that can be seen today, which ones appear to you to be obvious Nephilim architecture?
  • Do you believe there could actually be living Nephilim giants left on the earth as recent military reports indicate?

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