Mystery of Egypt’s 100 Ton Black Precision Boxes

Today was day 2 of the Megalithic Marvels of Egypt tour.

Photo 1-2 shows me at two of the 20+ black boxes featured in the subterranean Serapeum of Saqqara that weigh approx 100 tons each, are smooth to the touch & precision crafted. Some hieroglyphs can be found etched into a few of them. It would take an army of thousands of Egyptians to move these underground into these small enclosures that are just a few feet wider than the boxes themselves. How would this be possible? Did they predated the Egyptians? (Leave a comment)

Photo 3-4 – we visited the Red Pyramid & crawled down underground through the cramped shaft that finally led us deep inside to see its mind-bending trapezoidal mortarless architecture. No mummies or any sarcophagus was ever found inside.

Photo 5-6 – At Saqqara we also visited what’s known as the “Mastaba of Ti,” that featured several megalithic anomalies such as this stone that folds around the corner… How was this accomplished? (Leave a comment)

Photo 7 – our tour guide Mohamed Ibrahim giving our group an insightful lecture regarding the “Bent Pyramid.”

Photo 8-9 features the “Bent Pyramid” which still possess many of its casing stones. Mainstream academia says it was damaged during construction. Or was it purposely made this way for a different purpose? Why are mica crystals found all over the ground at this site only? Mica is a heat or energy insulator… Was this pyramid actually producing some type of energy in the prehistoric past? Leave a comment)

Be looking for my next post coming soon – Dee Olson (Megalithic Marvels founder)


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