Maya Connection to Egypt?

It’s only day 3 of this 14 day tour and my mind is already blown by what I am seeing at each site and learning from our Tour Guide Mohamed Ibrahim.

Today we drove a couple hours north of Cairo to see some ancient archaeological sites that most tourists do not see.

Our first stop was to visit that Tell Basta Mueum in Al-Sharqiyah. Among the many Dynastic Egyptian artifacts we saw, one of them really stood out… located in the very first display case, and almost hidden in the back among several other artifacts were two strange looking figures that at first glance looked like gremlins. Known as “Bes” to the Egyptians, these figurines are dated to approximately 3000 BC. Aside from their muscular long arms, short squats legs, long beards & primate like face, these creatures feature something else to take note of – a reed crown that looks similar to depictions of the Maya who existed an the opposite side of the planet. Aside from coca leaves being found in Egyptian tombs, does this mean there was an ancient connection somewhere along history’s timeline?

Located in the outdoor portion of the museum, we saw what I believe is the largest statue of a female in Egypt – what is known as the statue of Queen Meritanum. She is said to have been a queen of Egypt during the 18th dynasty. This statue is made of pink granite, weighs 80 tons & stands 9 meters tall! Here’s where things get really trippy… I’ve believed for the last decade (for way to many reasons that I can list now) that super structures such as the Great Pyramids & the black boxes of the Serapeum clearly predated the dynastic Egyptians & were made by a previous civilization who possessed some form of lost knowledge & technology. However, I had still believed that many other sites & statues were built later by the dynastic Egyptians. However, after hearing a lecture today from our tour guide Mohamed Ibrahim, I feel like I may have just gone down another rabbit hole… What if the very large mega-ton statues that were precision carved into the hardest of materials such as pink granite (like this one) were actually built by the same megalithic civilization that I believe created the pyramids? What if the Dynastic Egyptians found the pyramids & began to venerate them re-purpose them, & as such, found these massive statues & began to make their own smaller versions of them & dress like them?

Lastly, we drove further north to the ancient site of Tanis, which many will remember from the Indiana Jones movie. Again, I assumed that this site was constructed by the Egyptians, but after seeing it first hand, I’m not so sure. Obviously the dynastic Egyptians were here & crafted their own impressive statues & hieroglyphs, but did they build on top of & around a more ancient foundation? Case in point this massive granite stone that I would guess weighs upwards of 30 tons & was part of a door or gate that features this area where a locking mechanism would have connected to.

Be looking for my next post coming soon – Dee Olson (Megalithic Marvels founder)

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