MEGALITHIC MARVELS: Expedition Peru Day 1

Follow me as I journey across Peru on the “Elongated Skulls Tour” sponsored by Brien Foerster and



D Olson

Sitting high atop the northern outskirts of Cusco, sits an ancient mysterious site called “Q’enqo.” According to the Quechua language, “Q’enqo” purportedly translates as the word “Zigzag.” Q’engo is made up of two adjoining rock outcropping that are zig-zagged all over the top with machine like cuts.

D Olson

Surrounding the bottom of each outcropping is a wall of ancient megalithic mortarless blocks.

D Olson

What astonished me the most about this site were the caves and tunnels that ran deep inside these outcroppings. Many of them were sealed off, but the one we were allowed to enter through surprised us with what appeared to be a ceremonial altar cut by some form of ancient technology.


D Olson

Also lying north of Cusco sits the mind-bending fortress of Saqsaywaman – one of planet earth’s greatest megalithic marvels. I have visited the Great Pyramid of Giza and other ancient sites around the world, yet I have to say that for me, Saqsaywaman is more impressive. The size and scale of everything is just overwhelming – there was so much more to it than I had originally known. The andesite walls at Saqsaywaman consist of interlocking blocks that were crafted with mortarless precision, some of them weighing as much as 125 tons. Each foundational stone goes about twelve feet underground, making the walls earthquake-proof.

D Olson

According to author and researcher Brien Foerster, oral tradition states that when the Spanish first arrived in Cusco and saw Saqsaywaman that they asked the Inca if they had built these super-structures themselves. The Inca’s reply – that they had already been built by the time they showed up. Many elongate skulls have also been found around these great walls. Like at Q’enqo, Saqsaywayman was littered with caves, tunnels & evidence of ancient machinery. Our greatest modern engineering cannot replicate it today. Look for my report on Day 2 next…

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