10 Ancient American Sites to Discover this Summer

I was recently asked by a subscriber of Megalithic Marvels to share my recommendations of ancient sites one might visit on a cross-country road-trip. From the many sites I have visited to the many more sites that remain on my bucket list, below are 10 ancient sites to discover this summer… (In no particular order)

By scott_295 “Great Serpent Mound”

#1 Serpent Mound – Peebles, Ohio

  • LOCATION: 3850 State Route 73 Peebles, OH 45660
  • DETAILS: The largest serpent effigy in the world that is dated around 300 BC and winds for more than eight hundred feet and seven coils, and ends in a triple-coiled tail.
By Lyn Topinka

#2 “She Who Watches” Pictograph – Dallesport, Washington

  • LOCATION: 85 Highway 14 Dallesport, WA 98617
  • DETAILS: Petroglyphs and pictographs lining the basalt cliffs along the Columbia River at Horsethief Butte, located within the Columbia Hills State Park.
By Google Earth

#3 Lovelock Cave – Lovelock, Nevada

  • LOCATION: Coordinates 40.0°N 118.6°W (Address Restricted)
  • DETAILS: In 1912 archeologists uncovered over 10,000 artifacts from the cave including giant weapon shafts and pestles. Old newspaper articles and miners reported the discovery of many giant skeletons upwards of 10 feet in length found in the cave.
By Rationalobserver – Own work, CC

#4 Anasazi Cliff Dwellings – Mesa Verde Nat. Park, Colorado

  • LOCATION: Mesa Verde National Park, CO 81330
  • DETAILS: Previously home to the Anasazi before they suddenly disappeared, the cliff dwellings of Mesa Verde are some of the best preserved in the North American Continent.
By Julie Ryder

#5 Montana Megaliths – Helena, Montana

  • LOCATION: In close proximity to Helena, MT
  • DETAILS: What appears to be towering dolmens, polygonal block granite walls and circular terraces that rise high above the forest floor.
By National Park Service CC

#6 Chaco Canyon Ruins – Nageezi, New Mexico

  • LOCATION: Coordinates: N36 3 49.6 W107 58 15
  • DETAILS: A UNESCO World Heritage site Containing the most sweeping collection of ancient ruins north of Mexico, the park preserves one of the most important pre-Columbian cultural and historical areas in the United States.
By gettyimages.com

#7 Cahokia Mounds  – Collinsville, Illinois 

  • LOCATION: 30 Ramey Street Collinsville, IL 62234
  • DETAILS: A UNESCO World Heritage site, it was the largest pre-Columbian city in what became the United States and is dated around 1200 BC to 1050 AD.
By Dee Olson

#8 Saguaro National Park Petroglyphs – Tucson, Arizona

  • LOCATION: Saguaro West, Saguaro National Park, AZ 85743
  • DETAILS: Over 200 geometric, anthropomorphic and zoomorphic prehistoric petroglyphs that have been dated to be as old as 1550 years.
By Dee Olson

#9 Donner Pass Petroglyphs – Truckee, California

  • LOCATION: Donner Pass Rd, Truckee, CA 96161
  • DETAILS:  An extensive petroglyph site that contains over 200 rock art elements that are estimated to have been created as long as 4000 years ago.
By Alyson Horrocks

#10 America’s Stonehenge – Salem, New Hampshire

  • LOCATION: 105 Haverhill Rd, Salem, NH 03079 
  • DETAILS: An archaeological site consisting of a number of large rocks and stone structures dated from 2000 BC to 173 BC. The site is an accurate astronomical calendar.

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