Unlocking Lovelock: Attack of the Red Haired Giants – Part 3


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Based on their oral traditions, the northern Paiutes would be the only people to have actually seen the red-haired giants known as the “Si-Te-Cah” alive in the flesh. However, there are many witnesses who claim to have seen the bones and skulls of these prehistoric cannibalistic carnivores that measured anywhere from 7 feet to 10 feet in length.

The Miners

After centuries of bat guano build-up upon the cave floor, the first people we have on record of being on scene at lovelock cave were the guano miners in 1911. Miner James H. Hart testifies to the following…

“After some of the best specimens had been destroyed… In the south end of the cave, ‘about twenty feet deep,’ we unearthed some skeletons. In the north-central part of the cave, about four feet deep, was a striking looking body of a man ‘ six feet six inches tall. ’ His body was mummified and his hair distinctly red… the man was “a giant.” [1]

6-6 ft may not be considered a giant, but it is creeping close to the 7ft benchmark. And we do have Hart on record confirming it had red-hair and declaring it “A Giant.” So, along with the length of this skeleton, we should also consider the girth and mass of these bones as well in light of Hart’s comments.


Photo By BLM Nevada

John T. Reid was a mining engineer and an amateur anthropologist from Lovelock, Nevada who could speak the Paiute language. Reid claims to have examined and measured several giant skeletons that were either from Lovelock cave or the surrounding area. Below is a newspaper article from the Nevada State Journal from April 17, 1932 that mentions Reid and a 7-7 foot giant skeleton as well as two of Reid’s encounters with giant bones…

screen-shot-2017-02-21-at-4-12-21-pmIn February, 1931, a Lovelock resident informed Reid of the “weathering out” of a large skeleton on the lake bed near Lovelock Cave. This was excavated with great care and all the bones were recovered. Before removing it, Reid measured it in situ and it proved to be ” 7 feet 7 or 6 inches in height… It had been buried in a shroud and covered with a dark substance, perhaps charcoal.” 

The Lovelock Review-Miner reported on June 19, 1931 that Lloyd De La Montoya of California had discovered the skeleton of a “giant” on the lake bed near Toy… Reid, John Foster and Thomas J. Chapel set out across the dry flat to the site… the skeleton was recovered… it was deduced that this man had been “nine and one half or possibly ten feet” tall. [2] 

The Archeologists screen-shot-2017-02-17-at-4-41-58-pm

In their 1929 field report entitled “Lovelock Cave,” archeologists Loud & Harrington make the following statements about the skeletons and skulls…

“It is quite likely that members of the crew excavating the guano took away bones, especially skulls… The best specimen of the adult mummies was boiled and destroyed by a local fraternal lodge, which wanted the skeleton for initiation purposes. Several human mummies and parts of mummies were obtained by the guano crew and the writer…. Much of the hair found on the mummies in the cave is reddish.” [3]

Was this “Best specimen” of the adult mummies a giant skull? We now have Loud & Harrington confirming that they uncovered mummies with red hair. In the appendices of their book they also reveal two intriguing photos – one of a humanoid looking child (See here in part 2) and one of this large skull shown here.

The Mummies and Giant Skeletons Discovered Near Lovelock 

The “Nevada Review Miner” published an article in it’s 1931 June issue reporting two very large skeletons that were found in the Humboldt dry lake bed near Lovelock Cave. One measured 8.5 feet in length and was described as having been wrapped in a gum-covered fabric similar to Egyptian mummies. The other skeleton was nearly 10-feet long.

screen-shot-2017-02-19-at-10-06-49-pmThis newspaper article dated January 24, 1904 from “The Saint Paul Globe,” documents the discovery of a “Skeleton of a gigantic human being” in Winnemucca, Nevada by workers who were digging in the gravel. A “Dr. Samuels” examined it and pronounced it to be nearly eleven feet in height.

13 miles east of Fallon Nevada is Spirit Cave. In 1940, two very well preserved mummies were found expertly wrapped in highly sophisticated weaving by Sydney & Georgia Wheeler working for the Nevada Sate parks division. The mummies were radio carbon dated to 9,400 years before the present. DNA testing of the mummies by Douglas W. Owsley, division head of physical anthropology at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History revealed that the mummies were of Caucasian origin, with a long face and cranium that most closely resembled either Nordic or Ainu ancestry and bore no ancestry relationship to either the Paiute or Shoshone tribes. This groundbreaking news has received barely a glimmer of attention in the outside world. [4] 

The Humboldt Museum Witnesses

There are a handful of people who have testified to seeing giant skulls from lovelock cave in a storage room at the Humboldt Museum in Winnemuca, Nevada. Two of theses witnesses are Don Monroe and M.K. Davis. Below are a series of statements made by M.K. Davis regarding their experiences…

“The Humboldt Museum in Winnemucca Nevada used to keep a series of human skulls in a cabinet in the basement for private viewing. They have now repatriated the skulls and no longer have them. I saw them in 2006 and photographed them in the cabinet. Don Monroe photographed them some 30 odd years ago and they were different. Compare the photos and you can see that not only are some missing but there is an extraordinary mandible that was there in the prior photo but missing from the later one. This mandible has had the teeth filed. Here is the photo that Don Monroe took some 30 plus years ago. Pay attention to the fact that there are more artifacts then and more particularly to the mandible that is arrowed.”


Photo by Don Monroe

“Below are the skulls as I photographed them in 2006. This is a stitched photo.”


Photo by M.K. Davis

“These photos are original prints taken some forty years ago in the basement of the Humboldt museum in Winnemucca Nevada by Don Monroe. The Museum now denies the existence of this and other skulls. Why??? Notice what appears to be “double rows” of teeth.”


Photo by Don Monroe


Photo by Don Monroe

“These photos were taken by Don Monroe back in the 1970’s and recently discovered among his things that were boxed up. Don Monroe has been adamant that there were large skulls there then, that are now missing. This seems to support his claim. I hope that this serves to clear up whether these larger skulls did exist at the Humboldt Museum. Right now they emphatically deny that such skulls were ever there. They obviously were.” [5]


Photo by Don Monroe

Notice how large the reddish looking skull in the middle is in comparison to the other skulls.

The photograph at the top of this blog post as well as the next one below appear to be taken by another witness at the Humboldt museum by the name of “Donn Quijote.” I first saw his pictures and read his testimony in an archeological blog forum. His story and photographs seem to closely corroborate what M.K. Davis and others have said…

“I was lucky enough to be shown these skulls before they were told to keep them from the public. This was in Nov 2008. Having read about the skulls on the internet, and I was making a trip to California, I stopped by the museum in Winnemucca to see if there really were giant skulls. I looked through the museum and saw artifacts from the Lovelock cave were they were supposed to have been found, but didn’t see any human remains. My wife & I then asked the curator there, a lady in her 80’s or so, where the giant skulls were. She got a big smile on her face and asked me to follow her. She led us back into a storage room and opened up a cabinet with the remains of 4 large skulls. She said that people from all over the world come there to ask her about those skulls. I asked why they weren’t on display & she said it was because they did not want them to be taken away by any claim from the Indians, and also that Nevada state does not deem them authentic. But according to accounts of Indians themselves, they are not even the same race. I asked her if it was true if there were large red headed mummies taken from the cave, and she said that they were and that she had seen them, but they were taken to UC Berkeley…” [6]


Photo by Donn Quijote

Notice the same large reddish skull that was photographed by Don Monroe decades earlier appears to be pictured here in 2008.

The Cover Up

In their 1929 field report “Lovelock Cave,” archeologists Loud & Harrington seem to make a cryptic statement regarding their findings…

“The lot from which each specimen came is recorded in the catalogue of specimens in the University of California Museum of Anthropology, but except where the fact seems pertinent to some problem it is not presented in the following account.” [7]

Q Does this statement indicate that any giant skeletons and skulls they might have un-covered were considered a “Problem (Pre-Indian Caucasian culture)” to main-stream scientific thought and were therefore not recorded in their catalogues and furthermore not put on display for public viewing?

Richard J. Dewhurst, Researcher and Emmy award-winning writer & author of the book “The Ancient Giants Who Ruled America,” says the following…

“Recently it has been confirmed that four of the ancient skulls unearthed at Lovelock Cave are, in fact, in the possession of the Humboldt Museum in Winnemucca, Nevada. According to Barbara Powell, who is the director of the collection, the museum is prohibited by the state of Nevada from putting the skulls on public display because “The state does not recognize their legitimacy.” They are instead kept in the storage room and shown to visitors from all over the world only by request. In addition, Powell said that additional bones and artifacts were transferred to the Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of anthropology in Berkley, California, where they are kept but also never put on display. What is significant to note is that the scientific community has assiduously scrubbed all references to the six-to-eight-foot-tall, red-haired skeletons found at the site. As will be seen, this repeated effort to clear the historical record of all references to a pre-Indian Caucasian culture in the United States can be seen as working in harmony with the NAGPRA policies of the federal government, which works on agendas based on political correctness and not objective science.” [8] 

Explorer, author and co-creator of “The Watchers” film series, L.A. Marzulli makes the following statement…

“The question is why would men of science deliberately engage in this? And, I believe I have an answer. If skeletons exist, and by all of the overwhelming evidence both from the written record found in newspapers and accounts from scientists, as well as the oral traditions from Native Americans, they pose a direct threat to the pervading world view, Darwinism.” [9]

The Pieces of the Puzzle

To bring this 3 part investigative series to a conclusion, let me lay out all the pieces of the puzzle for you one last time… #1 We have the Paiute oral tradition of red-haired giants who they burned alive inside a cave. #2 We have the written account from Sarah Winnemucca about the red-haired “People Eaters” and her most treasured dress passed down from generation to generation trimmed with this red hair. #3 We have Lovelock cave that is charred black from fire and burnt arrow shafts found inside of it. #4 We have testimony from the archeologists and the curator of anthropology at the Nevada State Museum of the advanced artifacts, extra large weapon shafts and giant pestles found in and around the cave. #5 We have photographs of the humanoid looking mummy and the large skull found inside the cave. #6 We have the archeologists on record saying that the mummies found inside the cave had red hair. #7 We have the testimony of the miners and the newspapers reports of several 7 to 10 foot skeletons that were un-earthed. #8 We have the mummies found nearby in Spirit cave carbon dated at 9,500 B.C. and DNA tests that prove they were not Paiutes but of Caucasian origin. #9 We have the photographs and testimonies from the Humboldt museum witnesses all telling the same story. #10 We have the Vice President of the Humboldt museum stating that the museum is prohibited by the state of Nevada from putting the skulls on public display.

Q So did the Red-Haired Giants of Lovelock Cave actually exist? I’ll let you decide…

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