3 Moai Mysteries

In the 1950s explorer Thor Heyerdahl conducted major excavations on Easter Island and revealed to the world that these iconic stone heads were attached in most cases to complete bodies. Why had the statues been buried in up to 30 feet of soil? Many of the excavated statues feature a carved design on the back … Continue reading 3 Moai Mysteries

Blurry Creatures Podcast: Enigmas of Egypt

Precision saw cuts, massive subterranean structures, and megalithic statues... Is the Great Sphinx and the Giza Pyramids much more ancient than we've been led to believe? Did a megalithic civilization predate the Dynastic Egyptian of 4,500 years ago? Did the pyramids produce an ancient organic form of energy? What is it like to travel deep … Continue reading Blurry Creatures Podcast: Enigmas of Egypt