Top 10 Videos of 2022

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By Derek Olson

2022 was a great year of research and exploration of megalithic structures and ancient civilizations. From the many videos I created, here are the top 10 based on total combined views from across all of my major video channels.

#10) Hole in the Great Pyramid / 1,326,509 total views

#9) Giant Bones of the Mound Builders / 1,340,354 total views

#8) The Baltic Sea Anomaly / 1,354,085 total views

#7) Ancient Egypt Tech / 1,640,500 total views

#6) The smoking gun that proves the ancients used lost tech? / 2,530,533 total views

#5) 100 Ton Granite Boxes in the Subterranean Serapeum / 2,731,139 total views

#4) Approaching The “Bent Pyramid” / 4,004,716

#3) Ancient Energy Charging Base? / 4,458,809 total views

#2) What’s that at the Base of “Bent Pyramid?” / 5,016,361 total views

#1) The Legendary Giants of Lovelock Cave / 7,464,699 total views


Do you think the legendary red haired giants of Lovelock cave existed? I had an amazing hike up into Lovelock Cave, which is located in the remote desert landscape of Nevada. The northern Paiutes of Nevada have an ancient oral tradition that they have passed down from generation to generation that usually causes the hearer to pause in bewilderment. The Paiutes state that long ago in ages past they went to war against a ferocious enemy known as the β€œSi-Te-Cah” or β€œSaiduka.” Now here is where this prehistoric tale becomes fascinating. According to the Paiutes, the Si-Te-Cah were a race of red-haired cannibalistic giants that would literally devour the flesh of their foes! The chronicle states that after three years of blood-weary-battles, a coalition of regional tribes finally unified together to conquer this savage enemy. The allied tribes bravely pushed the Si-Te-Cah back into the depths of a very large cave and quickly covered the entrance with brush piles. A fire was then set ablaze that began to suffocate the giants and any would-be escapees were quickly shot with a fury of fire-piercing arrows. The giant cannibalistic carnivores finally met their grim fate in a blazing cavernous inferno…#legendsneverdie #nephilim #lovelockcave #strangerthings

♬ original sound – Derek Olson

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