Cyclops: Maker of Megaliths?

Greek writers like Pausanias mention that the megalithic walls of Europe were erected by a one-eyed giant race who worked in the god’s forges under Mount Etna near Sicily.

This legend is still preserved today with a term archaeologists use to describe this architecture: cyclopean, from the word cyclops. Cyclopean construction consists of massive polygonal blocks that interlock together without mortar, designed to be earth quake proof.

In Greek mythology, the Cyclopes were the giant one eyed sons of the gods & considered the master masons of the golden age.

Homer’s “Odyssey” features the cyclops Polyphemus who is described as “godlike & towering over all the Cyclops’ clans in power”. Polyphemus was the offspring of Poseidon & a woman named Thoosa, thus making him a demi-god.

This mirrors the Gen 6:4 account of the Watchers breeding with earth women to produce the giant nephilim.

Q. Was Cyclops a literal one eyed hybrid giant or a symbol of the lost knowledge the megalithic builders once possessed?

Enjoy this video presentation below


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