Are these Precision Crafted 3D Sunken Symbols actually from Prehistory?

Here at the Ramesseum in Luxor, Egypt are these incredible 3D precision crafted sunken symbols that lie at the base of a 1000 ton statue (shoulders & torso) made from one piece of solid rose granite, which also features these deep sunken symbols. According to Egyptologist & tour guide Mohamed Ibrahim, part of these symbols read:

The powerful system of the sun
Chosen by the sun
Son of the sun

This site is the memorial temple for Pharaoh Ramesses II (1303–1213 BC). As great as he and the Dynastic Egyptians of the 19th dynasty were, how could they have precision carved these symbols into extremely hard rose granite with their softer copper chisels & hammers (akin to cutting wood with a plastic knife)? Why are the symbols seen here far superior to other hieroglyphs created by the 19th dynasty but in even softer sandstone (see below)

Did Ramesses II really commission this 1000 ton statue & these precision hieroglyphs, or did he come upon an older megalithic site, take upon the name of the titan “Ramesses” & then repurpose the site by building around the megalithic granite ruins with his sandstone walls, columns and statues (see below) that were all made in sections, not solid pieces like the giant statue?

Are we looking here at one of the original statues made by the megalithic builders of Egypt – the original ancient Egyptians that may have predated the Dynastics? Did the megalithic builders use a form of lost ancient technology that could precision craft granite with ease? Are these precision symbols part of the original language of the megalithic builders? Did the Dynastics retain fragments of the lost megalithic knowledge and adopt or implement these symbols into the dynastic Egyptian language?


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