Ancient Energy Charging Base?

Approaching Agilkia Island by boat on the Nile River is an amazing experience. There the temple of Isis, which was known as a center of great healing amongst the ancients, stands proud. Isis was a major goddess in ancient Egyptian religion whose worship spread throughout the Greco-Roman world

Megalithic Marvels

Isis was known as a great healer & the inventor of science. Known as “the place of birth” (meaning = energy, power, new identity & consciousness), Isis temple was known as a center of great healing amongst the ancients.

Megalithic Marvels

According to “The Guide of Egypt” Mohamed Ibrahim, its base floor was constructed of rose granite which contains 20-60% quartz, almost making it radioactive in a sense so as to send & receive waves. The walls are made of sandstone which contain sand & salt that can absorb negative energy, which was why it was used at various sites to balance high energy.

Megalithic Marvels

Similar to a lithium battery charger, this megalithic granite piece may have acted as an energy base where specific artifacts or statues were brought to be placed upon to be charged, so that they could then be sent to other temples in order to activate them with healing energy for the inhabitants. Might this have been an ancient energy charging base?

Check out this 15 second highlight reel of this mysterious structure


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