Is this Ancient Skull Like Specimen the Product Genetic Manipulation?

Imagine exploring the arid desert region of southern Peru when suddenly you see a cave in the distance. Upon entering the dark-creepy-cave, you discover what appears to be some kind of ancient stone tomb left undisturbed for ages. And what you see next sends chills down your spine… Inside the tomb is what appears to be a mummified skull like humanoid head…

According to Researcher and Biologist Brien Foerster, this is what happened back in 2016. He states that  the artifact was presented to he and his team by a local person for analysis.


Foerster says “The underside of the skull indicates that this artifact is made of bone, about 3 to 5 mm thick, and still has a stiff, grey, skin like material attached to it. It was x-rayed and examined by physicians here in Cusco who stated that it clearly was not a human, but was a life form of some kind. The skull is composed of bone and skin of some sort. Plans are in the works for radiocarbon and DNA testing early in 2017 in the US.”

Q Is this mummified skull like specimen the product of genetic tampering with the human genome, and in turn creating some kind of nephilim-hybrid-humanoid?

In the medical x-ray analysis you can clearly see what appears to be the jaw line, bone tissue, the sinus cavity, the cranial vault and more. One thing is for sure – Peru is one of the crazier and most mysterious places on earth…

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