1920 Report: Carnegie Museum Curator Pulls Something Strange from PA Mound

In 1920, Dr W.J. Holland, curator of the Carnegie museum, discovered something strange inside this Pennsylvania mound...

1907 Report: 8 ft Giant Skeleton Discovered with Copper Idol in S. Dakota Pit

More Info The Miller Press: Thursday, July 25th, 1907 EIGHT FOOT GIANT SKELETON DUG UP: Relics of Prehistoric Times Found in Gravel Pit on Sioux Reservation https://open.spotify.com/show/00Vv5lwiIMA04Q67TG6BJh?si=1f831dd12a354e0d Subscribe to our Podcast

1916 Report: 7ft Female Skeleton Found in MN Mound

More Info The Bemidji Daily Pioneer: October 03, 1916  “Bones of Ancient Person Unearthed Near Spooner; May Have Been Giant" Text "An enlightening contribution to historical data concerning the early mound builders of the Rainy Lake region has been made in the finding of a skeleton of a prehistoric being near Spooner. The skeleton was … Continue reading 1916 Report: 7ft Female Skeleton Found in MN Mound