80 Ton Depiction of a Golden Age Goddess?

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By Derek Olson

Located about fifty five miles northeast of the Great Pyramids of Giza is the city of Zagazig, which is home to the Tel Basta museum. Among the many ancient artifacts that can be seen here, one of them literally overshadows the rest. This is a thirty foot tall, eighty ton statue that was made from one solid piece of Aswan rose granite. As the name implies, this rose granite was quarried in Aswan, which is over six hundred miles away – a twelve hour ride by automobile.

This statue stands almost 30 feet tall

How was this massive eighty ton piece of granite moved over six hundred miles away thousands of years ago? If you just answered “by boat on the Nile,” then you also have to answer this question – how did they move the eighty ton piece of granite onto the boat and out of the boat with the supposed army of thousands of men needed to lift it?

Back to the statue. Mainstream archaeology states that this statue depicts Queen Meritamen (Meritamun) of the 19th dynasty. Meritamen was the daughter of Ramesses and Nefertari and later became the great royal wife of her very own father Ramesses!

Notice the precision detail of the headdress

But if this statue depicts Meritamen, why does her face on this eighty ton statue appear much different than the other faces of Mertamen that can be seen on other statues? Although badly damaged and weathered by the ages, notice the precision detail that can still be seen, especially on the head-dress. This granite ranks between 7-8 on the Mohs scale of hardness. However, according to the archaeological record, the Dynastic Egyptians used softer copper and iron chisels and hammers ranking 3-4 on Mohs scale of hardness? How could they have precision made this statue with softer tools?

Face of the eighty ton statue on left vs the face of Meritamen on her most famous statue.

Egyptologist and tour guide Mohamed Ibrahim (who hosts our Egypt tours) believes that this statue is actually much older than we’ve been told and that it predates the Dynastic Egyptians by thousands of years.

Are we looking here at a megalithic statue that actually depicts a golden age ruler from the antediluvian world?

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