1919 Report: 18ft Fossilized Giant Skeleton Found in TX River

The Coconino Sun: July 11, 1919

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AUSTIN, Tex., June 14.—”If the report that the fossilized skeleton of a giant eighteen feet tall has been found near Seymour, Tex., is true, it is the most important ethnological discovery ever made in the world,” remarked Dr. J. E. Pearce, professor of anthropology of the University of Texas. “It would break all previous records of giants by nearly ten feet, as the tallest man known to anthropological research was only eight feet 5 inches in height.”
The skeleton is in possession of W. J. McKinney, Houston, Tex., oil prospector, who found it, and has been seen by a number of people who vouch for the truth of the size of the relic of a heretofore unknown race. Mr. McKinney, while making an excavation on the narrow watershed between the Brazos and Wichita rivers, came upon the fossilized skeleton near the surface. Mr. Kinney writes:
“I estimate that this man weighed from two thousand to twenty-five hundred pounds. According to my deductions he lived about twenty-eight hundred years ago. The skull is six times the size of that of an ordinary man.”
Mr. McKinney does not explain how he arrived at the figures as to the probable period of the existence of this remarkable man. It is probable that the bones of the giant will be donated to the Smithsonian Institution which, under the direction of Dr. J. Walter Fewkes, is now conducting anthropological research work in Texas.


One thought on “1919 Report: 18ft Fossilized Giant Skeleton Found in TX River

  1. One thing is for sure. And I know this for a fact. If these bones make it to Smithsonian Institute they will be destroyed and buried. There are dozens of articles like this and all the bones that make it to Smithsonian Institute go missing and they claim to have never received them.

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