Top 10 Articles of 2021

Since we launched this blog in 2017, we have seen our largest readership this year – almost eclipsing a half a million views. Thank you for reading, subscribing & sharing our content. 2021 was a great year of research and exploration regarding megalithic structures, ancient civilizations and giants of antiquity. From the many articles published this year, here are the top 10 based on total views.

#10) 1868 NYT Report: 10 ft 9 in Petrified Skeleton Unearthed

#9) Ancient Anomalies of the American Southeast & Northeast

#8) The Secret Skull of Pakal the Great: An Academic Cover-Up?

#7) 1916 NYT Report: 7ft+ Horned Skeletons Found in Pennsylvania Mound

#6) 1904 Report: Giant Bones Found in Winnemuca, NV

#5) 1910 Report: 9 ft Fossilized Skeleton Found in WY

#4) 1908 Report: 8 ft 11 in Giant Skeleton Found in Mexico Cave

#3) 1883 Multiple Reports: 12 ft Giant Skeleton Unearthed in Missouri Ravine

#2) 1907 Report: Giant Skeleton Found Amongst Cache of Dwarf Skeletons in South Dakota

#1) Has the Mexican Tiwanaku been Discovered?


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