Massive Megalith Lying Under the Deep Sea

The Yonaguni Monument is an underwater stone structure that was discovered in the 1980s near Yonaguni Island, Japan. This ziggurat or step pyramid like structure is more than 165 feet long and some 65 feet wide.

The monuments base lies 110 ft below the sea. Therefore, G Hancock believes it to be at least 13000 years old because that’s the last time a level of 110 ft was above sea level.

What looks like giant wells or cisterns can be seen around the site as well as massive stone circles & a tunnel. This structure also features Two closely spaced pillars which rise to within 2 m of the surface, A straight wall (33 ft) long, A star-shaped platform & A stone path can be found at the bottom where all the rubble has been pushed away

Do you think this is an ancient submerged structure or a natural formation? Leave a comment below.


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